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"What I am most passionate and excited about in renting is the total and utter transformation I have gone through, as a person"-Marni Lustig


Fabrentals Angel's B n Bs, LLC is proud to be recognized as a self- financed, female owned Company.


I am also proud to share this company is my rise from rags to riches. Fabrentals Angel's B n Bs, LLC  began with my desire to to make one man’s trash another man’s treasure.  It also was my victory in transforming my personal and financial struggles into a desired, creative product. 

It all began by seeking vintage furniture I could find for free. Once I found the pieces I instantly detected, obviously, had more life and potential beyond the eye of the beholder, I scooped them up and hauled them to my backyard, where I painted the items. More importantly, and little did I realize, I was adding color and illumination to my tired and weary soul, a soul that had been through many trials and tribulations that found art therapy to be the secrete code.


I would turn the finished product over for 100% profit (minus the paint!)  The $100-$300 items sold for months and my joy grew for, at heart, I am an artist, and to receive profit for my creativity was truly the beginning of a life I had always yearned to live.


Eventually, the sales took a turn.  The residents in the overlooking apartments complained to the owner of their home that their backyard was beginning to feel more like a junkyard! Little did I know that what seemed to be a turn for the worse in my newfound refurbishing business, was indeed a turn for the best, in disguise. The owner of my complex swooped me up and drove me to her additional rental, a nine bedroom home. Before my eyes, the redesign of her house becoming a mega profitable rental space became a vision I knew would benefit us both and anyone who came through its doors. I saw all my furniture finding its new happy place, expanding my income of hundreds to thousands and thousands of dollars monthly.


Today, this rental company has been my teacher of soul. I have learned what it means to feel at home, I have learned how important it is to make people feel loved and safe and held in a special place.


This company is more than rental units- it’s a world I have created to truly be of service, to gifting others, mere wandering strangers the hearth that perhaps they have never experienced. It allowed me to gain richness in character, understanding people from a new perspective. I keep the door open for all walks of life to come, rest and rejuvenate. I have met an unfathomable amount of new faces and I find my empathy continues to grow deeper knowing we all have our own stories, struggles and victories. From creating this company, I have also welcomed myself back into the world I always knew was possible, a world that provides me with the security to wake up with a smile and contentment knowing my needs are met and it’s simply another day to explore how to be a better me, and be innovative in exploring different angles to transform the business and refresh the vision. This business is my family, my true love, my happiness; I paint myself on the walls I equally clean myself, on many occasions, along with my unbelievable associates who have taught me what family truly means, after each renter leaves and open the door again and again for a new beginnings.


This business is my metaphor for life and I could not imagine my life without it for over all it’s has been my best friend, it’s me. So please know, my door is always open, same as my mind and heart.  Come and stay awhile because I  want to share the paradise I have made for everyone I love and that means all is indeed love, and love is what matters most.

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